Meet the Young upcoming tallent of The New India with His Views :- YOUTH ICON ANKIT TIWARI

By live 24/7 news | 23-02-2021

I’ve found something which is quite clear in everybody’s mind. As a doctor people will trust us, confide in us and appreciate our valuable efforts. LOVE FOR ALL, HATRED FOR NONE, If we are dig deeper into history India has actually always had a leading reputation in the field of medical. There are many incredible contribution by our nation i.e., Siddha, Ayurveda, plastic surgery, cure for leprosy, treatment of visceral, Yoga and many more.

Nowadays medical entrance examination are highly competitive if we talk about India specially. A lucrative career option as medical industry is one among the Highest Paid field in India. There is high demand for surgeons and establishing of primary health care centres.

Cinque Terre

May youth health programmes organised by social workers and leaders of our country. Main objectives of these programmes is to enhance responsive health- seeking behaviour towards young people, by establishing community based action to counter infectious diseases or to raise awareness and knowledge about available healthcare system. High school students are keen to volunteer themselves in programmes like Dental elective intership programme, palampur Medical volunteering program, delhi. Here practice of medicine is becoming increasingly complex and time consuming. No health care system in the world is stable as we know to start with medical facilities, heath sector has to become the priority. Therefore we are aiming to make our country disease free. This is only possible when youth of our country participate more.

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