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By live 24/7 | 17-1-2021

Hello friends, welcome all of you guys to Dr Ankit Tiwari official Website. Today we are going to talk How to set your mind on studies. See who does not want to be friends topper, who does not want to reach the Reputed post in the society by writing, often the worst in exam The performing child must also have tried to read at some time, but the problem is that How to set your mind on studies, see friends, you will also often happen that you try hard to read but as soon as you sit down to read. You start feeling sleepy or you do not want to read and if you talk about it now, then in this environment of lockdown and corona virus, reading became even more difficult because our whole routine sitting at home was spoiled. It has been done, even if we try so hard, we cannot read it, then what is the solution to the problem now andHow to set your mind on studies?

See friends, the reality is that mind study is a habit that comes from the continuation of our Routine and for such continuity you have to follow some such tips & tricks so that you can start to feel like this. Tips and Tricks I am going to share this article with you in Detail and I tell you with full confidence that if you followed only 30% of the tips of this article, you will be able to feel a lot of change and gradually your mind study will begin.

Ujjval Pratap Singh Ujjval Pratap Singh Ujjval Pratap Singh

The first thing that you have to keep in mind before reading is that you have to believe in yourself first that you can read with your mind and you will read, you have to always keep in mind that the first thing to focus on in studies You have to believe that you need to study and you have to do that work with your mind because if you do not have a positive attitude towards your studies, then undoubtedly you will not be able to study for long at all, so first of all You have to understand that now you will go through your mind and try to learn something new in whatever you get and believe me that the more you have this belief in you, the more you will be able to study with more focus in studying, therefore If you have to start your studies with a Positive Mindset, then it is ok that you have to make a positive mind and after reading this article you will start reading the answer for the first time, then your positive mind set is already It will not happen every time that you can create a positive mind set so easily. If you feel very lazy towards studying, then you should read some Motivational Articles or watch videos and believe me, you will only need it for a few months after the beginning, after that you will gradually Slowly you will start to be self-motivated, but it is better to see some motivational content in the initial stage.

Before Padhai, collect all the essential things that you are going to need, along with all your related subject books, notebooks and pens etc. If you are doing online study, then try again next to Power Connection. Seating so that you do not have to get up from Padhai again and again for the Charger etc, there can be a little confusion as to what the lifting has to do with being distracted from Padhai, so the motivation of doing this is that when you sit in front of your table If you are studying, your focus is only on your books and your Padhai, but when you get up from your place and go here and there for something, then your eyes are on many other things, for example suppose you are studying. And suddenly you needed a book and you got up and went to another room to pick up that book where your brother was watching the Kapil Sharma show on T.V. Studying… that is why it is very important, do you collect all your required things before studying, even better it can be Do not have a bookshelf near your table of Padhai or where all the books you need can be kept and that is where you keep your pen, etc.

Why to study at Study Table itself Why? Brother, can't I sit in bed and read ?? So man, the answer is no, brother, you can't sit on the bed and why not, or you know the reason too many people still fall in bed, due to which, soon they stop reading tired and sit on the bed. After some time, you will start sluggish and you will not even know when you will get away from studying, so reading is only on the Study Table, but brother, I will have a Study Advice that you will have a good, cheap and durable Study Table. Take it because it will come in front of you a lot of work anyway, otherwise you can also study by sitting on the ground, yes reading on the ground is a much better choice than sitting on the bed, so whenever you read, either on a good study table Read or study sitting on the ground, if you are living in a place where the heat is very high, then believe that by reading on the ground, you will be able to study for a long time by being comfortable and comfortable.

So friends, the fourth tip that we are going to talk about is that you should try to make your study table as study engaging as possible, ie your study table should be such that you spend a lot of time easily and You do not even know because it has many benefits, friends who will help you in your studies Tremendously, so let's talk about what we have to do finally: -

  • So friends, you have to keep your study table in some place of the house where there is a lot of light beforehand. Being light beforehand does not mean that the place of your house where there is also natural light outside.
  • After this you should also keep a light for Night Studies, which will be better if you are around your Study Table.
  • After this, always keep in mind that your study table should be very clean and it should contain only the items of your work, that is, they are going to study their books because if you have them on the study table, your Video Games & Phone etc. If you start keeping it, even though you will tell a lot of time there, that time will not go in Padhai
  • And to make your Study Table more Engaging, you can also put your Subject Related - Charts, Posters & Notes etc. in front of it.
  • And if possible, keep a photo of your Ideal on the study table because you will always be inspired.

So let's talk about creating a calm atmosphere about the second tip is one of the most important things to focus in Padhai because if you are sitting in a place where Padhai is getting too much noise then it will be better. Whether you continue your studies by going to some other place or try to reduce the noise, but it was a matter of when you want a quiet atmosphere, but then what is the quiet atmosphere that can be your problem, yes many times even a quiet environment You may have problems because many people are not used to sitting in one place for a long time and reading in a quiet environment, then the best solution is that you can do Padhai while listening to Soft Music or instrumental music. The truth is that this thing will not be so helpful, especially in your exam time, you should do it for a few days after the start, you will get used to reading while slowly reducing it. Friends, even if you have a lot of difficulty in the beginning, you or even you are not able to follow all the tips, still you do not have to lose courage, as long as possible, just keep doing it.

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