Motivational Story For Youth

By Saurav | 27-12-2020 | Youth Icon

I had heard this story in my childhood by some head of my class, but the good stories that inspire us are passing like dinosaurs, as the time is passing, but I felt that this story today It is a very inspiring story for the younger generation, so today I would like to present that story for you.

This story is about the family of a boy who was living in another country, away from his country, his village, his city, and where the dollar was, the family had a mother and a small 12-year-old son. Was, we know that the young generation of today does not know the value of life and money, but I claim that maybe some people who are really intelligent will listen to this story and learn something from here.

One day Papa put a pen in the hand of that 12-year-old boy and asked him how much it cost, then the son said that it is worth 1 dollar, then Papa told him that you can sell this pen for 2 dollars, The son thought for a long time and then started selling the pen by sitting near a bus stop, after 8 hours of hard work, the pen was sold for $ 2.

The son came home and told his father that I sold this pen for $ 2, after that his father showed him another pen and asked how much the pen is now, then the son said that this pen also cost $ 1. Then Papa said sell this pen for $ 20, then the son got lost in thoughts and started thinking about something new, maybe get some ideas and after deep thinking he made some strange strange variations in that pen and later With the pen he went to sell.

Outside of a school, a student saw the boy selling the pen, he went to him and he bought it for $ 20 and gave him $ 5 tips on it, and the boy was very happy that he went to his house and Papa said, look, Papa, this time I sold it for $ 25 instead of $ 20, Papa showed him 3 pens which was $ 1 and said that you sell it for $ 200.

This time the son worked very hard but still he was not selling the pen, now he got frustrated and came to his father and said that this pen can never be sold for $ 200, then Papa told him why it could not be sold. If this pen could not be sold for $ 200 or even $ 2000, then the child started thinking and then he challenged his father and said that you sell this pen and show it.

Papa said that for this we will have to go to our country and after that I will sell this pen and show you, both of them come to their country i.e. India, they both went and stood outside Mannat Gate which was home to Khan Khan Khan Khan And after some time when Shahrukh Khan came out, his father took Shahrukh Khan's sign in the pen, that is, took his autograph and after that he went out and sold it to the people, then his price was more than $ 200 i.e. He even got

For example, if you ask a human being while walking on a path, then there is nothing and if you ask your parents about your relative there is a lot, the only difference is that with time your attitude with that price Now we have to think how much we have to increase our price,

Yes, if there is a world, then it is passion, success and learning, now the thing is that which of these we adopt, if you take any work and fail in it, then by ignoring that failure if you If you adopt the lessons found in it, then life will be something else, if you live your life with success, then life will be different,