Life is a race, still, slow with pace :- Ankit Tiwari Founder and CEO of Easyilaaz

image By - Ankit Tiwari
23 Jan 2022

Once Charles Darwin said, "A man who dares to waste one hour has not discovered the value of life. This was just a quote but I guess Medicos has taken this statement seriously. Soldiers were always our heroes but during this pandemic, we understood the value of our front workers. Why only praise doctors, let's praise every person who stood in the front line without thinking about themselves. I always hated maths, algebra -cos, sin, theta but now I hate alpha, omicron, Delta variants. I guess this needs to be stopped now. I had enough with this covid-19. It's worse than my science teacher who gave me homework every day and at last, gave me an F grade.

I know this condition was worse but this moreover raised some questions that we need to think about. Do our medical facilities enough to handle such pandemics? Do we have enough medical colleges for educating our students? In this critical situation, we must give a chance to those students who didn't get a chance to study in Indian medical colleges because of high private college fees, reservations.

I guess we are all medical students studying in different countries but still, we worry about our futures. Sometimes I had this nightmare of not being selected as a doctor, not getting my choice seat but then I remembered my teacher once told me this," Life is not too big to worry about the future but it's not too small to waste present also. I understood I need to stabilize everything, my work, my studies, my personal life.

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